We here in Blarneyland would like to wish our friends a safe and responsible holiday season - we mean the real holiday, St. Patrick's Day, not that other one. You have a whole mess of opportunities to catch the Blarney Rebel Band during this festive time, including the legendary parade day extravaganza at Piggy Pat's on March 11 and shows at Coleman's Irish Pub in Syracuse and the Celtic Harp in Utica on St. Patrick's Day proper. (And that's St. Patrick's Day. If you must abbreviate, St. Paddy's is acceptable. But NEVER St. Patty's Day.) Check the "Gigs" link for the full calendar. Please remember to celebrate responsibly; it's not "Irish" to get drunk, belligerent and obnoxious on St. Patrick's Day. Celebrate your Irish heritage, drink responsibly, no trouble, no fights. And no green beer; green beer is a sin and an insult to beer.