Well, we survived another St. Patrick's Day season including a crazy parade day at Piggy Pat's, and a perfect St. Patrick's Day proper at Celtic Harp. Now it's on to the next major projects. First of all, our new CD, "Pile High The Pennywall," is completed and will be delivered by the end of the month. They will be for sale at all the usual outlets - cdbaby.com, Amazon, Itunes, etc. - and we will have them at all shows. This CD features songwriting credits from all five band members and pushes musical boundaries well beyond anything we've done before. Also, we are getting ready to welcome two of our favorite bands to join us at the beautiful and historic Stanley Theater in Utica for "An Irish Night At the Stanley." On April 3, Central New York's favorite Irish bands, Albany's Hair of the Dog, Kansas City's The Elders, and Utica's own Blarney Rebel Band will take part in what will be the biggest night of Irish music ever in Utica. Get your tickets now. Ticket prices range from $15 to $45 and are available at The Stanley Box Office (10a-3p, M-F), through Ticketmaster, or by calling (315) 724-4000. .